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Product information

TRENN-QUICK MS-B creates a protective film on concrete mixers, processing and transport equipment and any tools in contact with concrete. TRENN-QUICK MS-B prevents concrete and mortar from caking on metal and lacquered surfaces. TRENN-QUICK MS-B forms a firm protective film within few minutes and is largely water-proof.

TRENN-QUICK MS-B contains special basic oils and active agents for the various product requirements. The recipe was developed with focus on easy application and practical suitability. TRENN-QUICK MS-B forms a pressure-resistant and firm separating film and thus demonstrably prevents caking even at inaccessible spots. Machinery and equipment are effectively protected from corrosion.

It ensures easy and quick cleaning and is gentle on the material.

Typical data
Appearance: Golden yellowish to brownish, slight cloudiness possible
Odour: Pleasantly mild
Density (15 C): Approx. 880 kg / m
Viscosity (40 C) Approx. 9.0 mm / sec
Flash point: > 100 C
Solubility Does not mix with water

Usable for any typical machinery and equipment. Ideally, product should be applied by means of spraying at 4-6 bar with fan nozzle immediately after cleaning (on wet surface). Attention should be paid to even and sparing application.

1 litre TRENN-QUICK MS-B is sufficient for approx. 60-70 m depending on application style. If stored over a longer period of time, product may need to be stirred before use. Frost resistant to -15 C, two years shelf life in sealed original container.

No hazardous material

All products are subject to regular testing by our in-house lubricant laboratory responsible for product development and monitoring.

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The information provided in this product specification represents the current state of knowledge and experience. Due to possible effects when processing and applying our products, the processor is not relieved of the duty to perform inspections and tests on his own account. No legally binding warranties for certain characteristics nor applicability for a specific use shall be derived from this information. Any applicable laws, regulations as well as property rights shall be observed by the processor.