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Product information

TRENN-QUICK R-BE is an easily biodegradable special-purpose release agent for the concrete industry. It is based on a blend of fatty acid esters with additional active ingredients and contains no mineral oil (awarded the "Blue Angel" eco-label by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, RAL).

Product identification:
TRENN-QUICK R-BE contains special base oils and active agents for various product requirements. These additives were selected with a focus on easy application and fitness for practical use. TRENN-QUICK R-BE forms a firm, pressure-resistant separating film and demonstrably prevents caking even in inaccessible spots. TRENN-QUICK R-BE is not aggressive towards polyurethane-based/two-pack paints. Corrodes polystyrene foam.
Store the product at room temperature.
It allows formwork to be released quickly and easily and is gentle on the material.

Typical data:
Appearance: yellowish
Odour: like natural oils
Density (15 C): Approx. 890 kg / m
Viscosity (40 C) Approx. 10.0 mm / sec
Flash point: > 150 C
Pour point < - 15 C

Usable for all current types of formwork.
Ideally, product should be applied by means of spraying at 4-6 bar with fan nozzle. Attention should be paid to even and sparing application.
Puddles should be removed.
1 litre of TRENN-QUICK R-BE is sufficient for approx. 40-70 m depending on application style and type of formwork. After extended storage periods at very low temperatures, it may become necessary to stir up the product.
Do not allow any remaining lubricant/concrete release agent to enter the wastewater system or the soil. Do not dispose of it along with lubricants/concrete release agents containing mineral oil, as this interferes with the oil reclamation process. We recommend handing in left-over substances at municipal collection points or disposing of them separately at waste incineration units. All products are subject to regular testing by our in-house lubricant laboratory responsible for product development and monitoring.

All products are subject to regular testing by our in-house lubricant laboratory responsible for product development and monitoring.

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us on +49 (0)4661 9685-0.

The information provided in this product specification represents the current state of knowledge and experience. Due to possible effects when processing and applying our products, the processor is not relieved of the duty to perform inspections and tests on his own account. No legally binding warranties for certain characteristics nor applicability for a specific use shall be derived from this information. Any applicable laws, regulations as well as property rights shall be observed by the processor.