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Product information

TRENN-QUICK WM is a watery emulsion and is used primarily for absorbent formwork (timber) for site-mixed concrete, product care for timber, and for plaster in the ceramic industry.
In asphalt road work it serves to prevent mixes from caking.

TRENN-QUICK WM is based on biologically degradable hydrocarbons with added active agents and emulsifiers. It also forms stable emulsions with hard water.

Typical data:
Appearance: Brownish, slight cloudiness possible
Odour: Pleasantly mild
Density (15 ░C): Approx. 900 kg / m│
Viscosity (40 ░C) Approx. 15.0 mm▓ / sec
Flash point: > 100 ░C, emulsive
Pour point < - 15 ░C

Processing guidelines:
Add TRENN-QUICK WM to the same amount of water and stir to emulsify the mix NOT VICE VERSA! Then add the remaining amount of water while stirring. Dirty water reduces the stability of the emulsion.
A mixing ratio of 1 : 5 to 1 : 10 as a concrete separating agent and 1 : 10 to 1 : 20 for the asphalt industry is recommended. In both cases lower concentrations are possible.

All products are subject to regular testing by our in-house lubricant laboratory responsible for product development and monitoring.

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The information provided in this product specification represents the current state of knowledge and experience. Due to possible effects when processing and applying our products, the processor is not relieved of the duty to perform inspections and tests on his own account. No legally binding warranties for certain characteristics nor applicability for a specific use shall be derived from this information. Any applicable laws, regulations as well as property rights shall be observed by the processor.